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Sara Moulton Reger's Books
"I believe a rising tide floats all boats," said Sara in response to what prompts her to write. "By sharing what has worked for me -- even lessons learned the hard way -- I'm planting seeds in the lives of others that will produce fruit for them, and come back and benefit me as well." This is Sara's philosophy, and it is demonstrated in her books and articles -- writings based on solutions she has uncovered or developed, and subsequently used to propel business success.

  Lead & Succeed

How to inspire and influence with confidence in an ever-changing business world

What recognized business leaders say
Ken Blanchard: "You will read this book more than once."
Merrill Oster: "Timeless best practices."
Mitch Kruse: "Priceless pearls in a useful design."

  Can Two Rights Make a Wrong?

Insights from IBM's Tangible Culture Approach

What recognized business leaders say
Daryl Conner: "Important steps toward uncloaking the mystery that has surrounded corporate culture."
Ron Jenson: "Most thoughtful and practical work I've seen."
Henry Chesbrough: "A thoughtful, insightful book."