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About Sara Moulton Reger

Sara Moulton Reger is a management consultant who specializes in the interconnected topics of business transformation, culture transformation, organizational change management, governance, and leadership. Sara has been a management consultant since 1988 and has worked for IBM since 1995. Currently, Sara is a transformation program executive within IBM's Global Markets Division. Sara has also been a global practice executive and research principal in IBM's consulting and research organizations. Before IBM, Sara worked for Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, and StorageTek in the fields of management consulting and finance. Sara has an MBA specializing in finance and management. She is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and is also certified in the field of Organizational Change Management.

Sara has a reputation for successfully leading the "people" side of especially difficult transformations, and using those opportunities to develop practical methods and tools for future use. After leading the change and culture workstream for IBM's $3.5 billion acquisition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting in 2002, Sara was asked to join IBM Research to hone and further develop the new techniques used to integrate 30,000 new employees into an existing business unit of 30,000 people. This innovation, now called Tangible Culture, is being used by IBM on its own transformation efforts and by IBM consultants globally with clients.

Sara lives in Scottsdale Arizona with her dogs Racee and Wigglesworth. Sara is active in her Christian church--serving on the prayer team and as a leader for the business group--and in studying the Bible daily. Sara enjoys music, photography, and is a self-professed "wannabe" archeologist. She travels frequently for business and pleasure, and looks forward to the day when she can follow in her parent's footsteps and travel the world.